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A waved albatross is photographed by HX guests on Española in the Galápagos Islands

National Audubon Society Selects HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) as Exclusive Travel Partner

Unveiling Ten initial Audubon Voyages in the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, and Alaska

Seattle, Washington (July 9, 2024) – National Audubon Society, a leader in bird conservation across the Americas, and HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), renowned for its commitment to sustainable expedition cruising, are proud to announce an exclusive partnership that offers unparalleled travel experiences

"Bubbles from the Sea/Havets bobler" after being retrieved from the Arctic Sea. Photo: Rune Kongsro

Hurtigruten has retrieved another 4,500 “Bubbles from the Sea” sparkling wine bottles from the Arctic Sea off the coast of Norway

Oslo, Norway (June 25, 2024) – In 2023, Hurtigruten launched the concept "Bubbles from the Sea" (“Havets bobler” in Norwegian), the first underwater-aged sparkling wine matured in the Arctic region. A new batch of bottles has been stored and collected, this time from the northernmost point of the Norwegian coast, near Kirkenes. Never has wine been water-aged this far north. "Bubbles from the Sea"

Hurtigruten's MS Nordlys. Photo: Agurtxane Concellon

Hurtigruten Celebrates 131st Anniversary with Birthday Sale, Saving Guests Up to 50% on Norway Coastal Cruises

Oslo, Norway (June 25, 2024) – Hurtigruten , the undisputed travel expert on Norway and its stunning coastline, is celebrating 131 years of sailing the renowned Norwegian coastline by running a North American Birthday Sale between June 25 and July 16, 2024.
Since July 2, 1893, Hurtigruten has sailed almost the exact same 34 ports as its Original Coastal Express Voyages does today, making it one

Air Greenland CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen, and HX CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, at the partnership ceremony alongside MS Fridtjof Nansen in Nuuk

HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) Announces Strategic Partnership with Air Greenland for 2025 Itineraries

London, UK (June 20, 2024) – HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), the world's leading expedition cruise operator, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Air Greenland, enhancing the travel experience for its guests. This pioneering collaboration marks HX as the first expedition cruise company to invest in such a partnership, aligning with Greenland's developing tourism economy.
From 2

A Hurtigruten ship about to enter Trollfjord in Norway. Photo: Stian Klo.

Hurtigruten Introduces Signature Voyages as its Expansion Redefines Coastal Norway Cruising

Oslo, Norway (May 14, 2024) – Hurtigruten, the undisputed travel expert on Norway and its stunning coastline, has unveiled its latest addition: Signature, its premium category crafted to elevate the coastal Norway cruising experience. This offers an unrivaled way to experience the coastline, demonstrating Hurtigruten's commitment to innovation and meeting the desires of travelers seeking extraordi

HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) publishes ESG Report 2023:  Calls for more transparency in the global travel industry

HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) publishes ESG Report 2023: Calls for more transparency in the global travel industry

HX, leaders in expedition cruising, proudly announces the publication of the latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, showcasing remarkable achievements in emissions reduction, environmental conservation, community engagement, and advancements in the people sector; all of which underscore HX's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Head Chef Douglas Spiik preparing food for Hurtigruten's guests onboard MS Trollfjord's fine dining restaurant Røst

Hurtigruten Unveils Innovative Initiative on its Path Towards Zero Edible Food Waste

Oslo, Norway (April 16, 2024) — With a groundbreaking initiative building on circular economy principles, Hurtigruten is working towards drastically reducing and recycling edible food waste from its fleet operations. A specially designed reactor at one of its ports converts edible food waste into compost used to grow vegetables for Hurtigruten, aligning with Hurtigruten’s sailing towards zero-edib

A Hurtigruten ship traveling through the Geirangerfjord in Norway.

Hurtigruten Offers 10% Off All 2025/26 Voyages Plus its Most Generous On-Board Credit Ever

(April 1, 2024) — Hurtigruten, the undisputed expert on Norway and its stunning coastline, is offering 10% off and an on-board credit of 5,000 Norwegian kroner, equivalent to more than $450, for guests who book before July 31, 2024.
Guests can choose between all three of Hurtigruten’s coastal journeys, including the recently-launched The Svalbard Express and North Cape Express, as well as the O

Credit: Association of Greenlandic Children

Hurtigruten Foundation Invites Sustainability-Focused and Environmentally Conscious Non-Profits and Projects to Apply for Funding with New Grant Opportunities

Oslo, Norway (March 27, 2024) – Since its inception in 2015, Hurtigruten Foundation has supported more than 150 projects in 23 different countries with a total of over 10 million NOK (nearly 1 million USD). Ahead of its 1 May 2024 deadline, the foundation is inviting non-profits and projects to apply for funding which align with the Foundation’s three areas of focus: preserving endangered wildlife

The world's first-ever Chief Aurora Chaser onboard Hurtigruten in Norway.

Hurtigruten Appoints Tom Kerss as the World's First Chief Aurora Chaser, Pioneering Unmatched Northern Lights Voyages in Norway

Oslo, Norway (March 25, 2024) – Hurtigruten, the iconic leader in Norwegian coastal voyages, has proudly announced an unprecedented collaboration with Tom Kerss, the esteemed Northern Lights astronomer.
In a historic move, Hurtigruten has appointed Kerss as the world's first Chief Aurora Chaser, solidifying its status as the foremost authority in Northern Lights experiences and promising travel

Guests onboard Hurtigruten's Original Coastal Express enjoying the Northern Lights. Photo: Tommy Simonsen

Hurtigruten Extends its Unique Northern Lights Promise for 2024/25 Season and Beyond

Oslo, Norway (March 20, 2024) – Hurtigruten, the iconic leader in Norwegian coastal voyages, has extended its unique Northern Lights Promise to September, allowing travelers to experience one of the world’s most natural wonders for an even longer period.
Hurtigruten has long been synonymous with the best of Norway's natural wonders, and in a commitment to ensuring guests have the best possible

Hurtigruten's MS Trollfjord in Lofoten, Norway. Photo: Espen Mills.

Hurtigruten Named Most Sustainable Brand Within the Travel & Tourism Industry in Norway

Oslo, Norway (March 13, 2024) – Hurtigruten was named the leading sustainable brand in the travel and tourism industry in the latest edition of the Sustainable Brand Index for 2024. Based on a survey among 13,000 Norwegian consumers, Hurtigruten was the only brand in its category to make the top 100. The survey featured 282 brands across 25 industries. SB Insight has been carrying out the survey s

HX's (Hurtigruten Expeditions) Chief Commercial Officer Alex Delamere-White

HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) Strengthens Global Commercial Leadership Team Following Rebrand

London, United Kingdom (January 12, 2024) - HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), the experts in expedition travel, has announced changes in roles at a global level including Alex Delamere-White’s official appointment as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), following six months as acting interim CCO.
Based out of the new HX HQ in London, Alex will bring the global functions under one leadership model to fu

A Hurtigruten ship traveling through Geirangerfjord in Norway. Photo: Agurtxane Concellon

Save up to $4000 this Wave season with Hurtigruten to explore one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines

Hurtigruten, the undisputed expert on Norway and its stunning coastline, is offering discounts of up to $4,000 off per person during the so-called Wave season taking place during the first quarter of 2024.
All three popular products – the Original Coastal Express that celebrated 130 years of operation this summer and the brand-new Svalbard Express and North Cape Express itineraries launched thi

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