Travellers encouraged to turn a vacation into a vocation and get involved with Hurtigruten Foundation

Press releases   •   Aug 04, 2021 08:48 UTC

Hurtigruten Expeditions Partners with California Ocean Alliance to Study and Protect Whales in Antarctica

Press releases   •   Jul 13, 2021 08:19 UTC

Hurtigruten Expeditions continues expansion: Introduces exclusive Galapagos expedition cruises

Press releases   •   Jun 22, 2021 14:59 UTC


Hurtigruten Expeditions Launches Epic Pole-to-Pole Expedition Cruises

Press releases   •   Jun 01, 2021 16:00 UTC

Hurtigruten Expeditions, the world leader in exploration travel, has unveiled an epic 93-day Pole to pole expedition cruise – exploring Alaska, the Northwest Passage, Greenland, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, South America, and Antarctica in one monumental voyage.

Hurtigruten Group reports record strong booking numbers

Press releases   •   May 27, 2021 16:57 UTC

With booking levels almost 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels, Hurtigruten Group reports record strong demand for 2022 small-ship experiences.

Hurtigruten Expeditions takes remote working to the next level

Press releases   •   Jul 29, 2021 13:00 UTC

Mix business with pleasure in a whole new way with Hurtigruten Expeditions, as the cruise line is launching an alternative to work from home, where you can enjoy fantastic wildlife, nature, and adventure for part of the day and then rely on high-speed WiFi when you need to work.

Up to 50% Off on Select Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises: Antarctica, Alaska, Galapagos, Iceland, and Norway

Press releases   •   Jul 01, 2021 10:00 UTC

Hurtigruten Expeditions is offering almost all its 2021-22 itineraries at an incredible discount of up to 50% off from July 1 to July 8 as part of its annual July Fourth sale.

Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express is ramping up to full operations in July

Press releases   •   May 31, 2021 14:08 UTC

Starting this July, Hurtigruten Norway Coastal Express will return all its seven ships to operate what is often called ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’ along the Norwegian coast, with full operation between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes in the Arctic North.

Up to 20% off on the ‘most beautiful voyage in the world’

Press releases   •   May 14, 2021 11:00 UTC

Hurtigruten Norway makes a large-scale investment in batteries and biofuel – cuts emissions by 25%

Press releases   •   May 11, 2021 17:04 UTC

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About Hurtigruten Group

Hurtigruten Group - World leader in exploration travel

Building on 125 years of Norwegian pioneering heritage, Hurtigruten is today the world's largest expedition cruise company.

Hurtigruten’s rapidly growing fleet of custom-build expedition ships takes modern-day adventure travellers to the world’s most spectacular destinations on our Planet - from the High North to Antarctica in the south.

Being the world leader in exploration travel comes with a great responsibility. Hurtigruten is enhancing destinations and runs an responsible, sustainable global operation. Read more about Hurtigruten's sustainability efforts here.

Hurtigruten introduced the world’s first hybrid battery powered cruise ships, the MS Roald Amundsen this summer. In 2020 she is followed by sister ship MS Fridtjof Nansen.