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Hurtigruten Foundation is a collaboration between Hurtigruten Group, our guests, partners and private donors. Together we unite in our commitment to fight climate change, strengthen local communities, and stop unsustainable mass tourism.
Hurtigruten Foundation is a collaboration between Hurtigruten Group, our guests, partners and private donors. Together we unite in our commitment to fight climate change, strengthen local communities, and stop unsustainable mass tourism.

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New opportunity for funding from Hurtigruten Foundation

Hurtigruten Foundation is about giving back to the beautiful places that Hurtigruten explores. After supporting 26 projects in 12 countries over the last year, the Foundation is now seeking applications from new projects, before the deadline on 1 November.

Hurtigruten Foundation is especially looking to support projects and organizations that create a lasting positive impact, and which allow coming generations to have the same unique travel experiences as Hurtigruten’s guests enjoy today. The Foundation supports projects that aim to protect endangered species, battle plastic waste and marine litter, and support local communities in the areas where Hurtigruten operates.

The funding for the grants comes from various initiatives on board Hurtigruten's ships, such as the Green Stay Programme, whereby Hurtigruten Group gives a donation for every night that guests choose not to have their cabins cleaned – in appreciation for helping to save water, power and detergent. Hurtigruten’s guests can also give donations to the Foundation while they are on board, or through the Foundation’s website.

New for this round of grants, Hurtigruten Foundation will also be receiving funds from merchandise sold in the shops on board. The merchandise is made from abandoned fishing gear and ‘ghost nets’ collected along coastlines and oceans around the world. Each purchase includes a donation to the Foundation.

Battling plastic waste and marine litter
Battling plastic waste and marine litter is one of Hurtigruten Foundation's three focus areas.

One of the recipients last year was the Turtle Foundation and their project to protect endangered sea turtles on the island of Boa Vista.

"Thanks to the Hurtigruten Foundation, we have been able to protect a large number of endangered sea turtles on Cabo Verde,” says Dr. Hiltrud Cordes, CEO & Program Director of Turtle Foundation.

“During this year's nesting season, our team protected nesting female turtles from poachers, allowing them to lay nearly 4,000 nests so far, from which approximately 160,000 hatchlings can start their lives. In addition to funding conservation efforts on Boa Vista, donations like these help us to implement sustainable community projects for the local population. For example, we are currently running swimming lessons and environmental education for 100 local children on the Cape Verdean Island."

Turtle Foundation
Turtle Foundation protect endangered sea turtles on the island of Boa Vista.

Other recent recipients of grants in the last round included the South Georgia Heritage Trust, Happy Whale, Mashpi Lodge, MarAlliance, and Cape Horn Adventures.

Henrik A. Lund, Managing Director of Hurtigruten Foundation, says, “I am impressed with the real impact on the local nature, environment and communities from the Turtle Foundation and the many other projects we have supported in the last year. With the commitment and support of our guests and the Hurtigruten Group, we can now offer another round of funding, and I encourage all applicable projects to apply. Together we can make a difference!”

Henrik Lund Managing Director, Hurtigruten Foundation
Henrik Lund, Managing Director of Hurtigruten Foundation

Applications for Hurtigruten Foundation funding for autumn 2022 must be received by 1st November. 

The short application form and instructions for how to apply can be found on the Hurtigruten Foundation website.



About Hurtigruten Group

Hurtigruten Group is the world's leading adventure travel company, allowing guests to explore the most unique destinations in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Hurtigruten Group has a proud expedition heritage and is committed to working with the best green technology to ensure our products are safe and respectful towards nature, wildlife and the communities we visit. Committed to taking care of our guests, wildlife, nature, and the communities we visit, we're setting a new standard of sustainability for the travel industry.

Hurtigruten Group has a comprehensive portfolio encompassing three business areas: 

  • Hurtigruten Expeditions, which was founded in 1896, and is the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise operator offering small-ship expedition cruising to around 250 destinations to more than 30 countries. 
  • Hurtigruten Norway, which operates Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express, considered ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage' has been sailing along the Norwegian coastline since 1893. 
  • Hurtigruten Svalbard, one of the most exclusive tour operators in the industry, offers land-based adventures on the spectacular Arctic archipelago. 


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