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Hedda Felin, CEO Hurtigruten
Hedda Felin, CEO Hurtigruten

Press release -

Hurtigruten's ESG results: On the right track

Oslo, April 29, 2024: Hurtigruten, recognized as Norway's leading cruise company, proudly showcases significant advancements in its sustainability efforts. The company unveils its ESG results for 2023, highlighting substantial reductions in carbon emissions and unveiling ambitious plans for further improvements in the years ahead.

"In 2023, Hurtigruten has made considerable progress in reducing our footprint and continuing our positive contributions to the local community along the Norwegian coast. We are delighted with the progress we have achieved and are proud to see that we are on the right track," said Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten.

Reduction in Emissions

Thanks to several initiatives in recent years, the company reports a solid 9% reduction in direct emissions per guest since 2022 and an impressive 46% reduction in NOx emissions since 2022.

"We are thrilled to announce a notable reduction in CO2 emissions. Viewing enhancements within our own operations as the cornerstone of credible ESG endeavors, we are dedicated to continuous improvement. In 2023, our commitment was recognized as we were ranked the world's leading ESG cruise player by Sustainalytics. This reaffirms our genuine dedication to fostering environmentally friendly operations and upholding our social responsibility," said Felin.

Additional vessels converted to battery hybrid power the main drivers behind the good progress in emissions reduction.

Hurtigruten has made progress in other parts of the operations as well. Hurtigruten works systematically to reduce water consumption and waste generation per guest. This has yielded measurable results:

  • Since 2022 water consumption has been reduced by 8% and waste reduced by 4%.
  • Food waste has been reduced by more than 40% in two years and is now an impressive 65 grams per passenger day.

With further action, the goal is to eliminate edible food waste. Through Hurtigruten's food concept, Norway's Coastal Kitchen, Hurtigruten has a clear strategy.

"We adhere to three guiding principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. This strategy entails reducing consumption, for instance, by offering smaller portion sizes to minimize food waste (reduce), repurposing leftovers instead of discarding them (reuse), and most recently, with our new food compressor initiative, closing the loop by converting food waste into fertilizer for growing vegetables used in our menus (recycle)," explains Felin.

Lifeline Along the Coast

For 130 years, Hurtigruten has been the lifeline along the Norwegian coast. International guests contribute to value creation along the entire coast of Norway, where Hurtigruten cooperates with many local tourism actors. Hurtigruten has 58 local suppliers of food and drink along the coast, providing an authentic local experience for guests.

"Hurtigruten is not just any cruise line; we are an integral part of Norway, deeply intertwined with our culture and coastal communities. With over 100,000 local passengers annually, our presence helps connect people and communities, and it gives our guests the opportunity to experience authentic Norway," said Felin.

As a company, Hurtigruten recognizes the impact the industry and its daily activities have on society. Having been situated along the coast for 130 years, the company understands its duty to take care of it. Hurtigruten aims to contribute to shaping the future of tourism, prioritizing sustainability and value creation.

Upgrade of the Fleet

In 2023, the ship MS Kong Harald underwent an upgrade to battery hybrid operation. By Q1 2025, Hurtigruten will have a total of four out of nine vessels operating on battery hybrid power. This transition has significantly reduced emissions through the integration of large battery packs and the utilization of efficient, brand-new engines, resulting in approximately a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the ship has been equipped with state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities and exhaust cleaning technology, leading to a reduction of NOx emissions by at least 80 percent.

In 2023, Hurtigruten unveiled one of the most significant innovations in the company's history: A pioneering vessel slated for completion by 2030. This state-of-the-art ship will be equipped with enormous battery packs, modern sails, and integrated solar panels, facilitating emission-free voyages between Bergen and Kirkenes.

"In collaboration with the research institute SINTEF and 12 other Norwegian partners, Hurtigruten is spearheading the development of zero-emission ships tailored for the Norwegian coast through the 'Sea Zero' project," said Felin. "The objective is to have the inaugural ship ready to set sail by 2030."

More about our ESG results here.


About Hurtigruten:

Hurtigruten is headquartered in Oslo, and currently operates nine ships, seven of which sail in the legendary coastal route between Kirkenes and Bergen, often called "the world's most beautiful sea voyage". We have been doing this since the first sailing started more than 130 years ago.

To this day, we build on the legacy of 1893 where our ships and our experienced crew transport local passengers, cargo and tourists safely to 34 small and large ports along the Norwegian coast.

In addition to coastal route operations, the company has two fully commercial vessels along the Norwegian coast. MS Trollfjord with the Svalbard Express in summer and Nordkappekspressen from Oslo in winter, and MS Otto Sverdrup sailing along the Norwegian coast from Hamburg.

Hurtigruten is one of Norway's largest maritime employers and training companies. We serve world-class local food on board, with locally sourced food from more than 70 local suppliers along the coast. We also offer a number of exciting and carefully selected excursions to our guests.

Hurtigruten is part of Hurtigruten Group which consist of Hurtigruten, HX and Hurtigruten Destinations.


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