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Guests onboard Hurtigruten's Original Coastal Express enjoying the Northern Lights. Photo: Tommy Simonsen
Guests onboard Hurtigruten's Original Coastal Express enjoying the Northern Lights. Photo: Tommy Simonsen

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Hurtigruten Norway Relaunches Three Popular Itineraries Focusing on the Unique, Natural Nordic Light

Hurtigruten Norway reintroduces two land and sea tours and one science-based sailing combining the city lights of Nordic capitals with those of the Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun.

Seattle, United States (November 14, 2023) – Hurtigruten Norway is bringing back three popular pre-pandemic itineraries highlighting the unabridged wonders of Nordic culture, anchored to humanity’s continuing fascination with the skies above. Two in-depth land and sea adventures take in both the north of Finland and the Norwegian coast, while a comprehensive astronomy-focused sailing reveals the science behind the stars. All three are filled with unique excursions and traditional endeavors, the agendas all built on true northern outdoor excitement.

The 15-day Follow the Northern Lights: Land and Sea Tour includes an overland trek of Finland north from Helsinki and then a Coastal Express voyage down the Norwegian coastline to Bergen, with a land tour from Bergen to Oslo, or vice versa. With multiple departures between November and March, guests get to enjoy the Finnish Lapland through snow-capped forests to enjoy husky dog and reindeer safaris, learn about the history of the Sámi people, cross the Arctic Circle, and experience traditional fishing and hunting heritage, with optimal chances to witness the majestic Aurora Borealis. The cruise segment of the tour begins in Kirkenes and loops over the top of Norway southbound, dipping into picturesque fjords and stopping at charming fishing villages. Guests will experience the full breadth of natural beauty, enjoy music and snowmobile excursions, and visit heritage museums. City tours of Helsinki, Bergen, and Oslo bookend this fascinating cultural and historical journey.

Hurtigruten Norway was the first cruise liner to launch its unique Northern Lights Promise, ensuring travelers witness this natural wonder or receive a free six- or seven-day Classic Voyage.

To maximize the unique Midnight Sun, the 15-day Follow the Midnight Sun: Land and Sea Tour takes a similar route in June and July. It begins with a ferry ride from Stockholm to Helsinki, then heads overland to Finland’s northern regions before setting sail on the Coastal Express voyage down the Norwegian coast to Bergen. In the Arctic at this time, the Midnight Sun does not set below the horizon throughout the day, offering almost 24 hours of summer light, leaving passengers with plenty of time to see everything Scandinavia has to offer.

Guests will enjoy the cultural highlights of Nordic cosmopolitan capital cities, experience husky and reindeer adventures, gain insight into the Sámi culture, and cross the Arctic Circle. The sea voyage takes over the itinerary at Kirkenes after a night at the Snowhotel, heading into dozens of breathtaking Norwegian fjords. Guests will bask in the sights and sounds of the quaint fishing communities, tour the scenic archipelagos, and marvel at the mountain peaks and Europe’s largest glacier. City tours of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Bergen add a dash of city life to the itinerary’s cultural mix.

A 12-day Follow the Stars: Astronomy Voyage – from Bergen and back along the mesmerizing Norwegian coast in November, January, and February – lends fascinating insight into the spheres of the Arctic sky. Renowned astronomers Ian Ridpath, John Mason, Sadie Jones, and Tom Kerss give engaging lectures and guided night sky tours from the ship deck. Guests learn about the Northern Lights, stars, planets, meteors, and the myths and legends linked to the constellations.

This Original Coastal Express, which is part of all three itineraries, visits 34 ports, passing by over 100 fjords and over 1,000 mountains, just as it has for 130 years. Optional excursions head to natural treasures and historic icons and take guests snowmobiling or birdwatching, further fleshing out the exciting cultural experience. An exclusive visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø is also on the itinerary.

These three in-depth Arctic experiences through a myriad of unforgettable environments give travelers all the comforts of home while encapsulating so much of the Hurtigruten philosophy on a northern adventure, letting the night sky – light or dark, green or blue – lead the way.

As part of the rebrand announced in September, Hurtigruten Norway will return to simply being Hurtigruten, maintaining the original name as when the iconic route was first launched in 1893, signifying “the fast route” in Norwegian.

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