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Hurtigruten Norway's partner Arctic Umiaq Line's MS Sarfaq Ittuk by Kangerlussuatsiaq.
Hurtigruten Norway's partner Arctic Umiaq Line's MS Sarfaq Ittuk by Kangerlussuatsiaq.

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Hurtigruten Norway Partners with Arctic Umiaq Line to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Greenland

Hurtigruten Norway is expanding its presence outside Norway for the first time, leveraging its expertise to create a unique travel experience in one of the world’s most exciting destinations, Greenland

Seattle, United States (November 3, 2023) – Hurtigruten Norway, which celebrated 130 years of operations this summer, is expanding beyond Norway for the first time as the company has entered into a partnership with Arctic Umiaq Line, which has been serving the Greenlandic west coast for more than 200 years. With a legacy of serving remote Arctic communities, both AUL (Arctic Umiaq Line) and Hurtigruten Norway are pioneers in promoting responsible travel and tourism. The companies are partnering to develop AUL’s unique product for the international traveler and promote sustainable tourism in Greenland.The partnership presents an exclusive opportunity for authenticity-seeking, adventurous guests to embark on a journey that promises a genuine experience beyond the ordinary.

The Greenlandic company is a 12-port operation, connecting local communities on the west coast using one small ship, Sarfaq Ittuk. With three new airports scheduled to open in Greenland by 2025, including two capable of handling international flights, it will become much easier and faster for North Americans to travel to Greenland.

Paddleboarding is one of AUL's excursions in Nuuk. Photo - Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland

Having launched two premium products earlier this year, the Svalbard Express and the North Cape Express, Hurtigruten Norway introduced an elevated offering to complement the original Coastal Express that launched in 1893. Building on this expertise, Hurtigruten will help Arctic Umiaq Line develop its current product, which is aimed almost exclusively at locals traveling along the coast, to a more global traveler approach, ranging from onboard experiences and cabins to expanding excursion offerings in various destinations.

“Our extensive experience in coastal cruising along distinctive shorelines positions us to safeguard the coasts and the people inhabiting them, all while crafting unparalleled experiences for our guests. Through our expansive global network, we aspire to introduce more individuals to Greenland's west coast treasures in partnership with Arctic Umiaq Line," said Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten Norway.

Immersing in the Essence of Greenland

The voyages are not just about visiting destinations but about immersing in the rhythms of life along Greenland's west coast. Arctic Umiaq Line has been a lifeline for 250 years with no roads connecting the settlements. Through three immersive voyages, guests will sail alongside local Greenlandic passengers and an English-speaking guide, gaining an intimate understanding of remote community life and coastal culture.

As of now, Hurtigruten is promoting Arctic Umiaq Line’s three itineraries to explore Greenland, which are at this stage booked through AUL:

  • Full Greenland Voyage: a 15-day journey tracing the routes that local Greenlanders cherish, accessing both southern and northern Greenland.
  • North Greenland Voyage: a nine-day expedition from Nuuk, the capital, to the captivating Disko Bay region before returning to Nuuk.
  • South Greenland Voyage: a seven-day journey from the fjords of Nuuk to the serene paradise of Tasermiuk fjord.

Besides visiting remote communities along the western coast of Greenland, excursions include glamping at Camp Kangiusaq, whale and iceberg safaris with champagne, guided walks, and multiple culinary experiences in local restaurants along the coast.

Ilulissat - Two Mountain Bikersat icefjord. Photo - Ben Haggar, Visit Greenland

"Our sailings are as much about the people you meet as the sights you see. These are authentic sailings where nine out of ten of our passengers are native Greenlanders," said Arctic Umiaq Line CEO Jens-Jakob Sandgreen.

To learn more about the Hurtigruten of Greenland and the overall experience, please visit Hurtigruten Norway’s Greenland page. The company’s sister brand, HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions), also offers several expedition cruises to Greenland.

As part of the rebrand announced in September, Hurtigruten Norway will return to simply being Hurtigruten, maintaining the original name as when the iconic route was first launched in 1893, signifying “the fast route” in Norwegian.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Lindström
Head of PR & Communications, the Americas

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